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Coach Edu is introducing specialized group training exclusively for high-level players eager to elevate their game. These sessions prioritize top-tier skill levels to ensure quality training. While Locker Soccer Academy continues its commitment to enhancing the play of all players, this new program with Coach Edu Sala focuses specifically on highly skilled and dedicated players. Aimed at providing a more competitive and intense environment, the program aims to propel strong players to greater heights and prepare them for success at the next level. Not sure if your child qualifies, please email Coach Steve (steve@lockersoccer.com) and he will be able to help you identify the best fit for your player.


Coach Edu hails from Barcelona, Spain and he originally came to the US as an employee of FC Barcelona. Heading up the local franchise of the Barca Academy, Edu fell in love with Columbus. After developing his contacts within the local soccer community, Edu is hoping to make Columbus his long-term future home.

Edu will focus on Coaching Education and Advancement and offerings for our more advanced and highly motivated players. A big part of his involvement will be in the area of Advanced Skill Development classes for those players who are looking to take their game up several notches

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