Before they can play the game like pros,
they need to enjoy the game like children.

Developing a Passion

With increasing competitive pressures starting at younger ages and society’s insatiable appetite for wins, standings and trophies in youth sports, our children are relentlessly pushed to perform. It’s no wonder that 75% of children quit all organized sports by age 13.

Locker Soccer Academy helps children develop a passion for the game. IT'S ALL ABOUT WINNING THEM!

When children want to participate and are having fun, they evolve in ways that will benefit them far beyond the soccer field.
little boy dribbling soccer ball in drill

A Patient Approach

In today’s youth sports culture, parents seem to be in a race to competition. Steve Locker helps reassure parents that a patient approach to sports can work by examining the stages of child development and how they relate to athletic development. Steve uses his nineteen years of collegiate coaching experience, twenty years of child development experience, and his work with more than 45,000 children to understand the process on all levels.


It's All About Them

Some youth sports organizations focus on competitive achievement above all else. A defining aspect of Locker Soccer that differentiates it from other groups is the value it places on each child’s holistic development. Under Steve’s leadership and vision, Locker Soccer helps kids play, grow, and enjoy doing just that. Simply put, we focus on what’s best for our players.
young elementary aged players participating in indoor soccer drills


A Better Approach to Coaching

Locker Soccer creates an environment that focuses on healthy player development, giving players the opportunity to succeed and fall in love with the game of soccer. Coach Steve brings decades of experience, unwavering passion, and a research-based approach to developing youth soccer players, each at their own pace.


Helping Your Child Find Balance

Balance is an interesting word from a physical perspective — good balance is key for dribbling, passing, and shooting a soccer ball. But balance also means a lot in terms of Locker Soccer’s coaching philosophy. Success is all about balance – balance between work and rest, balance between playing soccer and other sports, balance between enjoyment and competition.
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What Makes Us Different

The programs you’ll find at Locker Soccer span a broad range of ages and abilities. Many of the children that are in our program have been with us since age two. Session after session, year after year, parents watch with amazement as their children not only evolve their abilities on the soccer field, but watch them grow in confidence both socially and athletically. We attribute this growth to having a very experienced staff and an approach to learning that starts with making sure kids have fun as they continue to succeed. In the end, continued participation is key, be it in soccer or anything else in life. If your child is enjoying it, they will continue to play.

What We Offer

For ages 2+, Locker Soccer Academy offers indoor classes, summer camps, birthday parties, rentals and more. For our older more serious players, we offer our Elite Juniors program, School of Excellence (Elementary, Middle, and High School ages), and Locker Elite, which is our club team.


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