Elite Juniors

Designed for children born in 2017 and 2018, this program serves as a precursor to the Locker Elite club team, allowing them to start team play at the Under 8 (U8) level. The sessions involve weekly classes and optional participation in the Friday Night 3v3 program, with Elite Junior members attending for free. Catering to 5-6 year-olds, we prioritize enjoyable skill development. As they gain understanding and confidence, small games with one ball are introduced, preparing them for team dynamics with increased confidence. Witnessing their success rates rise in this new environment is truly enjoyable.
Children running, open drills as part of Elite Juniors
Coach Steve Locker lectures players on soccer fundamentals
Join the fun for 8 to 10 week sessions throughout the year. Members will be asked to purchase uniforms ($75). Classes meet once per week with an option to purchase a PRIME membership for two classes per week. This offers over a savings of $300 over purchasing the individual sessions.

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