Little Kickers

Curriculum is King

Coach Steve began Locker Soccer Academy after a full year of research while working with several Child Development professors from Ohio State and a carefully selected group of advisors.

With Steve’s 40+ years of experience at all levels of the game, an incredibly dynamic curriculum was developed. While children thrive in an environment that maintains a routine approach, they also flourish with variety. Every tiny detail of our programming has a purpose in our effort to provide an experience that is unequaled by any other child activity.

Our Little Kickers program provides the foundation on which LSA has developed its incredibly positive brand in Central Ohio.

Little Kickers, little boy dribbling ball
Little Kickers, children practicing balance drills

Age 2


Our 2-year-old class is a 30-minute entry-level program, encouraging young children to develop social and psychomotor skills alongside their parents during field activities. While perfect listening skills are not expected, we prioritize getting them active and happy. Observing their growth each week, especially in engagement and confidence, is truly remarkable. The progression is supported by our outstanding curriculum, crafted by Child Development professionals.

Age 3


In our 3-year-old classes, children experience their first solo group setting, which may not always be seamless. While it takes time for some to adjust to separation, our extensive experience with over 45,000 children shows a strong success rate. We’re open to parent involvement but strive to connect with children early to ease anxiety. Balloon juggling in the first week proves effective in capturing their excitement and overcoming initial apprehensions. Witnessing the boost in confidence, both socially and athletically, is truly rewarding.

Age 4 – 5


Unlike many community recreational programs that rush into competition, we prioritize a more sensible approach. Our focus is on fun, ensuring every child has their own ball throughout activities. We avoid pushing 6-year-olds into competitive play prematurely, opting for enjoyable yet competitive elements in various activities. This approach, centered on running, kicking, laughter, and sweat, results in remarkably confident children when they eventually join recreational leagues.

Age 5 – 6


In this age group, there’s a wide range of understanding about sports competitiveness, shaping each class’s unique personality. While maintaining our renowned fun element, we gradually introduce more competition. Skill development becomes prominent, with children showcasing impressive athletic movement, balance, motor skills, and spatial awareness. Additionally, we offer an Elite Juniors program for those aiming to advance into our club team system at ages 7 and 8.

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