We help players find their inner drive …

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is quite simple, create an environment where the players are having so much fun, that they are always eager to practice and continue to grow their skills and passion for learning. By this approach, players stay in the game longer, they do not burnout, and they are uniquely qualified to progress from level to level with confidence and success.
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A Patient Approach

In today’s youth sports culture, parents seem to be in a race to competition. Steve Locker helps reassure parents that a patient approach to sports can work by examining the stages of child development and how they relate to athletic development. Steve uses his nineteen years of collegiate coaching experience, twenty years of child development experience, and his work with more than 45,000 children to understand the process on all levels.

Why Choose Locker Elite

Under the very watchful eyes and experience of Director Steve Locker, both players and parents are participants in our growth process. With Coach Steve’s 50+ years of experience at virtually every level of the game, both in the US and abroad, our focus is on excellence. Coach Steve has utilized his leadership in advancing players to all level of the game, including the MLS and Internationally.

We help players find their inner drive, which takes the burden off us, as parents, and allows for a truly enjoyable playing experience for everyone in the family. Our commitment to building relationships and community is evidenced in all areas of our program.

Come see how belonging to our club can be a truly enjoyable experience.

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