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Is Your Child Ready for the Next Level? How Locker Soccer Academy Makes Age Group Placement a Breeze

July 3, 2024

As a parent, you want the best for your child in all aspects of life, including sports. When it comes to youth soccer, one of the most common questions we hear from parents is, “Should I put my child in a younger or older age group?” At Locker Soccer Academy in Powell, Ohio, we understand the importance of proper age group placement for optimal skill development and enjoyment. We’re here to help you make an informed decision that’s best for your child.

Why Age Group Placement Matters

Placing your child in the right age group is crucial for their soccer experience. Playing with children of a similar age and skill level allows them to:
  • Develop at their own pace: They’re not overwhelmed by older, more experienced players or bored by younger, less skilled ones.
  • Gain confidence: They have more opportunities to contribute and shine, boosting their self-esteem.
  • Learn and improve: They’re challenged at the right level, encouraging them to push their limits and develop new skills.
  • Have fun: They’re more likely to enjoy the game when they’re playing with peers who share their interests and abilities.

Factors We Consider

At Locker Soccer Academy, we take a holistic approach to age group placement, considering a variety of factors beyond just your child’s birthdate:
  • Birth Order: First-born children tend to be more rule-oriented and eager to please, while later-born children may be more independent and risk-taking.
  • Maturity Level: Some children are more physically and emotionally mature than others of the same age.
  • Social Skills: How well does your child interact with others? Do they prefer to lead or follow?
  • Skill Level: What are your child’s strengths and weaknesses? Are they comfortable playing with children who are more or less skilled than them?

Open Communication and Flexibility

We believe in open communication with parents throughout the placement process. We encourage you to share your observations and concerns about your child’s development and soccer experience.

We’re also flexible and willing to adjust your child’s placement if needed. If your child is struggling or not enjoying their current team, we’ll work with you to find a better fit.

Lockers Soccer Academy's Age Groups

We offer a variety of programs for different ages and skills levels, ensuring that every child can find the right place to play:
  • Toddlers (Ages 2 – 5): Focus on fun, movement, and basic soccer skills.
  • Youth (Ages 6 – 12): Emphasize skill development, teamwork, and game strategy.
  • School of Excellence (Ages 7 – 12): For players who are serious about improving their skills and competing at a higher level.

Our Commitment to Your Child

At Locker Soccer Academy, we’re committed to providing a positive and supportive environment for all young athletes. We want your child to love soccer, develop their skills, and have fun along the way.

We believe that proper age group placement is a crucial part of this process. By taking a holistic approach and working closely with parents, we ensure that every child has the best possible experience at Locker Soccer Academy.

Ready to find the perfect fit for your child? Contact Locker Soccer Academy today.
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