Coach Steve Locker

Steve Locker's Qualifications

Director Steve Locker has the leadership and experience that is unequaled anywhere in the United States. With 19 years as a college coach (sixteen as a Head Coach), Steve has won 8 League Championships, including two Ivy League titles while the Head Coach (7 years) at Harvard University. With his Locker Soccer Academy, he has seen over 45,000 children go through his programs.

No one understands the developmental process quite like the Locker Soccer Academy. Interestingly, Steve has produced several players drafted in the first round of the MLS draft, and many others who have gone on to play in Europe. More recently, he has had huge success while coaching high school aged girls, with many going on to play in college. Not only has Steve seen many of his players enter the college ranks, but they are all achieving great success at their respective schools.


Getting Kids to Love the Game

Some youth sports organizations focus on competitive achievement above all else. A defining aspect of Locker Soccer that differentiates it from other groups is the value it places on each child’s holistic development. Under Steve’s leadership and vision, Locker Soccer helps kids play, grow, and enjoy doing just that. Simply put, we focus on what’s best for our players.


Child Development

Locker Soccer creates an environment that focuses on healthy player development, giving players the opportunity to succeed and fall in love with the game of soccer. Coach Steve brings decades of experience, unwavering passion, and a research-based approach to developing youth soccer players, each at their own pace.


Player Development

Balance is an interesting word from a physical perspective — good balance is key for dribbling, passing, and shooting a soccer ball. But balance also means a lot in terms of Locker Soccer’s coaching philosophy. Success is all about balance – balance between work and rest, balance between playing soccer and other sports, balance between enjoyment and competition.

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