Locker Soccer Elite

Locker Soccer Elite is the club team entity to Locker Soccer Academy. We believe that the largest part of our effort should be directed towards ball skill development. With this approach, we feel we have the best chance of allowing players to fall in love with the game, and thereby to stay with the sport for the long term. Our coaches have vast experience, both domestically and abroad, which provides a perspective unequaled by most coaches in our country. Our athletes are highly self motivated and capable of progressing from club soccer, to high school soccer, to college soccer… and maybe (for those special few) to professional soccer.

Locker Soccer Experience


Steve Locker is personally involved with designing and delivering the training for each Locker Elite team 


Locker Elite teams train at the Academy throughout the winter starting in November and during inclement weather in the spring


Locker Elite teams maximize the potential for college recruiting by competing against the top teams throughout the midwest.