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Locker Soccer Powell Will Begin Fall Classes September 1st

Hello Locker Soccer Families!!

We are excited to announce class offerings for our Fall Schedule, starting Tuesday, September 1st & lasting for the remainder of 2020. There are new times, new classes, & a new unique offering for children who are in virtual schooling! We wanted to offer all sorts of programs for children who are either in hybrid or online schooling to participate in physical activity. This is where Locker Soccer Physical Education comes into play! These are new one hour classes Tuesday-Friday for any elementary school kids with FUN-based activities including: fitness, races, obstacle courses, & soccer. Soccer activities are geared toward confidence & development in the game. 

We want to be a part of impacting the continued fitness of the community. Especially during this unprecedented time, it is more important now than ever to keep our kids active & having fun. Locker Soccer is dedicated to safely offering different classes to keep the kids coming back for more. Tell your friends! We’d be happy to welcome new members. 🙂

To give you an idea, please see below for the Powell Academy class schedule. Please visit our TeamUp registration site for more class details.

LSA Powell 2020 Schedule

– 5:00pm: Special Needs
– 6:00pm: Sharks & Minnows
– 7:00pm: 6-9 Skill Development

– 9:45am: Yoga (NEW!)
– 10:45am: 5-7
– 12:00pm: LS Phys. Ed. (Ages 4-8)
– 1:00pm: LS Phys. Ed. (Ages 9-13)
– 2:00pm: Open Gym
– 5:00pm: 3
– 6:00pm: Fitness/Agility (NEW!)

– 9:45am: 2
– 10:45am: 4-5
– 12:00pm: LS Phys. Ed. (Ages 4-8)
– 1:00pm: LS Phys. Ed. (Ages 9-13)
– 5:00pm: Yoga
– 6:00pm: 5-7
– 7:00pm: 6-9 Skill Development

– 9:45am: 3
– 10:45am: 2
– 12:00pm: LS Phys. Ed. (Ages 4-8)
– 1:00pm: LS Phys. Ed. (Ages 9-13)
– 2:00pm: Open Gym
– 5:00pm: 4-5
– 6:00pm: Intro to Rec

– 9:45am: Sharks & Minnows
– 10:45am: Open Gym
– 12:00pm: LS Phys. Ed. (Ages 4-8)
– 1:00pm: LS Phys. Ed. (Ages 9-13)

– 8:20am: 4-5
– 9:10am: 2
– 9:50am: 3
– 10:40am: 4-5
– 11:20am: 6-9 Skill Development
– 12:10pm: 3
– 1:00pm: Intro to Rec

New to the monthly-based Locker Soccer Membership system?
Here’s how to register:

  1. Check out our registration website.
  2. Set up an account for you & your child/children, & purchase your membership for your child or multiples for your whole family. (For those families who still have credit from the cancelled spring session, you are able to use the discount code given to you to apply toward your Locker Soccer Membership!)
  3. View the schedule.
  4. Sign up for classes. Up to 10 per month! Or, if you want to just do a class or two you can drop-in for $25 per class, without a monthly membership, & you get your first class free. (Use the free trial membership to get this perk.)
  5. Show up & HAVE FUN!
  6. To make it even easier you can download the TeamUp app on your phone (Apple App Store or Android) to register and track your registrations.

Some quick tips:

  • Not sure about the membership? You can drop-in to any class for $25. We still ask you pre-register for the class & pay online to reserve your spot & reduce the need for contact at the academy.
  • You can register for classes up to 60 days ahead, so feel free to jump ahead in the calendar & select the classes you want now.
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