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Locker Soccer Advanced High School Training

Coach Steve is looking to develop a training program for advanced High School soccer players in the area that will begin in March & if there is enough interest, it will last through this summer. For those high school players looking to get to the next level, we are offering open pick up play at Locker Soccer Academy SOON. This is Club Neutral. Here are the dates:

High School Boys: Saturday, February 20th @ 3:00pm – 5:00pm

High School Girls: Saturday, February 27th @ 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Training will include a focus on Speed of Play, Technical Expertise, & Decision Making. This will be accomplished through demanding technical training, a limited space & touch environment, & small-sided games in a highly controlled & intense environment.

These two sessions will be of no cost. For the training that will begin in March, we are waiting to see how many players will be involved & we will make the cost reasonable based on the number of players & how often we are able to train. If you have any questions or would like to attend, please reach out. Let us know if you or any high school soccer players are looking to get to the next level!!

Hear from college players who have trained with Steve:

“Over the summer, I always looked forward to going to Locker Soccer and training with other top collegiate players. The quality of play was always very high and Steve always made sure we were working hard. The warmups and drills that we did helped refine my fundamentals and sharpen my decision making. At the end of training there was always time to play small sided games and practice what we had learned that day. I was also fortunate to be able to make new friends through Locker Soccer.” 

“Training at Locker Soccer this past spring was incredibly beneficial for my game. Each session I was able to fine tune my technical abilities and raise my soccer IQ. Training with other high quality players ensured high level competition and intensity. It was amazing to train with other committed players like myself. Steve has a lot of knowledge about the game and gave me meaningful insight about what can improve my game. The drills Steve offered were focused on specific areas of the game to improve on. I would highly recommend training at Locker Soccer if you are looking for high level training with other committed players.”

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