What is the LSA Membership Program?

Our Membership Program allows families to pay a monthly membership fee of $88 instead of paying per session. Special Needs Membership is $50 per month. The membership should be purchased under the child’s account so they are able to register their name under classes – this lets the coach know who will be attending class! This membership fee allows a child to register for up to 10 classes a month at our Powell academy, so they can attend more than one class per week. The payment of this membership fee automatically occurs at the beginning of each month. You will have to give a 30 day notice if you need to cancel your membership. You may sign up for classes 60 days in advance. If you are scheduled for a class and something pops up in your schedule, you may cancel up to one day in advance without it penalizing you. If you cancel more than a day in advance, you are able to register for another class to add up to 10. If you have more than one child interested in the membership, there is a 10% sibling discount.

How do you register for the LSA Membership?

  1. Check out our registration website on TeamUp.
  2. Set up an account for you & your child/children, & purchase your membership for your child or multiples for your whole family.
  3. View the schedule through the Calendar.
  4. Sign up for classes. Up to 10 per month using the Locker Soccer Membership! Or, if you want to just attend a class or two, you can drop-in for $25 per class, without a monthly membership, & you get your first class free. (Use the free trial membership to get this perk.)
  5. Show up & HAVE FUN!
  6. To make it even easier you can download the TeamUp app on your phone (Apple App Store or Android) to register and track your registrations.

How many days in advance can I schedule classes?

You can register for a class as early as 60 days from the class date, and as late as one hour before.

What if I have to cancel a class registration?

You are able to cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the class in order to get your credit back to use for another class. It is considered a late cancel if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance. We use this to ensure classes are not over-booked, and to make sure classes are not being filled by members who do not attend them.

What is your class cancelation policy?

We try our very best to provide a great experience for the children who attend our classes. If there are less than three attendees registered for a class 24 hours in advance of the class, we will need to cancel the class due to low attendance. We would be happy to run a class for the children, but it is not as effective or fun for everyone when there are low numbers. You will receive an email if this is the case and your credit will be returned to your account so you may use it toward another class. With this being said, please check your emails and the TeamUp calendar before attending a class you registered for. Your understanding is greatly appreciated!

What are my other options if I’m not interested in purchasing the Membership?

If you are only interested in attending one or two classes a month, there is a $25 drop-in fee per day. You will still have to register for the class in our system so we know who is attending. You may use the trial run fee in order to get your first class free. This way you can test out the class to see if you like it and want to come back!

What Safety Protocols are in place at Locker Soccer?

Safety is our number one priority for your child. There are multiple protocols in place in order to to follow state and local government guidance and provide the best experience for our family members.

  • Masks must be worn at all times by spectators.
  • Coaches must wear masks at all times.
  • There are no High 5’s or stamps during classes.
  • Tables and spots that may have been used are cleaned after classes.
  • Cones that may have been used, chairs, door handles, the desk area, and restrooms are cleaned daily.
  • Tables are spaced six feet apart from each other in order to provide physical distancing.
  • There are no more than four chairs at a table. It is recommended family members stay together. Standing room is available if desired.
  • Doors are open, weather permitting, for air flow.
  • There is allotted time between classes in order to clean.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for use in the entrance and exit, as well as on all tables in the facility.
  • Tissues and paper towels are available in the entrance and exit.
  • Signage on facial coverings, social distancing, and hygiene is displayed in the facility.
  • We kindly ask families to limit the number of members as spectators in the facility.

It’s my first time at Locker Soccer for classes! What do I need to bring?

The children are encouraged to wear sneakers and comfy clothing to class. Make sure to bring a water bottle too!

I am interested in advertising my company on an ad board at Locker Soccer. What can I do?

That’s great! Please reach out to [email protected] if you are interested in this opportunity to advertise your company.

Is there any apparel for sale at Locker Soccer?

Absolutely. We sell our ever-so-popular Sharks & Minnows t-shirt. It’s only $5 through our TeamUp Store!

Is Locker Soccer Academy on social media?

Yes! Locker Soccer can be found on Facebook @Locker Soccer Academy and on Instagram @lockersoccer. Follow us to see what we are up to!

Can I bring my own snacks, cake, or other food to a Birthday Party?

Of course! If you have any specific questions or needs, don’t hesitate to ask.

Can I bring my own decorations to a Birthday Party?

Yep! We just ask that all decorations are able to be installed and removed without harming the room or taking excessive time.

I am interested in coaching at Locker Soccer. How can I apply?

Wonderful! Please send a resume including soccer and coaching experience, as well as a brief statement on why you would like to work at Locker Soccer, to [email protected] We will contact you if there is a need to hire!

Can I host a practice or other event at the Locker Soccer facility?

Yes! Our facility has been used for soccer, softball, laser tag, fitness classes, and more! We are more than willing to fit you into our schedule if time allows. Contact us for more info about our facility rentals.

We always appreciate hearing from our families about how we are doing. Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] with comments or concerns!