What is the gist of the new Membership Program?

Our Membership Program allows families to pay a monthly membership fee of $88 instead of paying per session. Special Needs Membership is $50 per month. This fee allows a child to register for up to 10 classes a month at either location, so they can attend more than one class per week. The payment of this membership fee automatically occurs at the beginning of each month. You will have to give a 30 day notice if you need to cancel your membership. You may sign up for classes 60 days in advance. If you are scheduled for a class and something pops up in your schedule, you may cancel up to one day in advance without it penalizing you. If you cancel more than a day in advance, you are able to register for another class to add up to 10.

What are my other options if I’m not interested in purchasing the Membership?

If you are only interested in attending one or two classes a month, there is a $25 drop-in fee per day. You will still have to register for the class in our system so we know who is attending. You may use the trial run fee in order to get your first class free. This way you can test out the class to see if you like it and want to come back!

Why doesn’t the summer schedule offer more classes? I don’t see many options for my child based on their age.

Due to Covid and the unknown interest in classes for the summer, we decided to limit our class offerings for this summer. Historically, we have offered limited summer classes on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, but we are also trying Saturday classes for this summer. Our summer camps are under review as many parks have not yet opened up their facilities. We hope to have a camp in August, and more info on that is forthcoming. Because the Spring Session was cancelled, we wanted to have enough classes for this summer to get the kids back out and running. We want to be as safe as possible while we transition into opening up classes at full capacity. We ask families to please bear with us as we navigate through this process. There will be more class offerings and new additional offerings come fall time. Get excited!

Can I register my child for classes at both the Powell and Gahanna academies?

Yes! Absolutely! The new Membership Program allows you to pick and choose which classes work best for your schedule or preference, whether that be location or time. If you are looking to attend multiple classes per week, this might be helpful to know!  (Already, in the beginning of the summer session, we are seeing lots of families attending classes in both locations.)

I was signed up for the Spring Session 4. How will I get these credits back?

We have sent an email with a special code for families that registered for Spring Session 4. If you signed up for the Special Needs class and haven’t already been contacted, please contact us. You are able to use this code when registering for classes and it grants you three months of classes for free. The credits add up to two months, but we decided to add a bonus month as a thank you! In order for the code to activate, you have to go into the registration system, act like you are purchasing the membership, enter in customer details, and type in the code. This then activates the code to work and grants you the three months. We have always had a very friendly makeup policy, so we are making sure families are participating in a program that is worth-while.

I was signed up for a 2020 Summer Camp. How will I get these credits back?

We have sent an email to families who registered for any 2020 summer camp to let them know we are postponing. We decided to cancel all camps during the month of June because of safety precautions and city park regulations. We are looking at rescheduling a camp in Powell for the first week of August and are in contact with the City of Powell about if we are able to hold it. If we are not, we will create a special code for these families to use so they can use these credits toward classes. Please stay tuned for an update. We will send communication out when we decide which option is best. We have always had a very friendly makeup policy, so we are making sure families are participating in a program that is worth-while.

Can I bring my own snacks, cake, or other food to a Birthday Party?

Of course! If you have any specific questions or needs, don’t hesitate to ask.

Can I bring my own decorations to a Birthday Party?

Yep! We just ask that all decorations are able to be installed and removed without harming the room or taking excessive time.

Can I host a practice or other event at a Locker Soccer facility?

Yes! Our facilities have been used for soccer, softball, laser tag, fitness classes, and more! Contact us for more.