What is the LSA Membership Program?

Our Membership Program allows families to pay a monthly membership fee of $88 instead of paying per session. Special Needs Membership is $50 per month. This fee allows a child to register for up to 10 classes a month at either location, so they can attend more than one class per week. The payment of this membership fee automatically occurs at the beginning of each month. You will have to give a 30 day notice if you need to cancel your membership. You may sign up for classes 60 days in advance. If you are scheduled for a class and something pops up in your schedule, you may cancel up to one day in advance without it penalizing you. If you cancel more than a day in advance, you are able to register for another class to add up to 10.

How many days in advance can I schedule classes?

You can register for a class as early as 60 days from the class date, and as late as one hour before.

What if I have to cancel a class registration?

You are able to cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the class in order to get your credit back to use for another class. It is considered a late cancel if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance. We use this to ensure classes are not over-booked, and to make sure classes are not being filled by members who do not attend them.

What are my other options if I’m not interested in purchasing the Membership?

If you are only interested in attending one or two classes a month, there is a $25 drop-in fee per day. You will still have to register for the class in our system so we know who is attending. You may use the trial run fee in order to get your first class free. This way you can test out the class to see if you like it and want to come back!

Can I bring my own snacks, cake, or other food to a Birthday Party?

Of course! If you have any specific questions or needs, don’t hesitate to ask.

Can I bring my own decorations to a Birthday Party?

Yep! We just ask that all decorations are able to be installed and removed without harming the room or taking excessive time.

Can I host a practice or other event at a Locker Soccer facility?

Yes! Our facilities have been used for soccer, softball, laser tag, fitness classes, and more! Contact us for more.