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Locker Soccer Academy is a one-of-a-kind soccer program based in Powell, Ohio, developed to provide the single most comprehensive, holistic, and integrated developmental experience for children in the market.

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Locker Soccer Classes

Locker Soccer offers classes for ages 2-9. There are different offerings to address all ability levels & age groups. Locker Soccer currently offers the following classes:

  • Age 2 Little Kickers
  • Age 3 Little Kickers
  • Age 4-5 Little Kickers
  • Age 5-7 Little Kickers
  • Age 5-7 Intro to Rec Soccer
  • Age 6-9 Skill Development
  • Age 6-9 Fitness & Agility
  • Sharks & Minnows
  • 3 vs. 3
  • Open Gym

Locker Soccer runs on monthly membership, drop-in, or free trial classes. Check out our Class Schedule page to see which classes fit best for your child!

Our Membership Program allows families to pay a monthly membership fee that permits a child to register for up to 10 classes a month at our Powell academy. This is so children can attend more than one class per week. You can be the boss of your schedule! View our FAQ page for more info.

How do you register for the Membership?

  1. Check out our registration website on TeamUp.
  2. Set up an account for you & your child/children, & purchase your membership for your child, through your child’s account, or multiples for your whole family.
  3. View the schedule through the Calendar.
  4. Sign up for classes. Up to 10 per month using the Locker Soccer Membership! You can even register for classes 60 days in advance. Or, if you want to just attend a class or two, you can drop-in for $25 per class, without a monthly membership, & you get your first class free. (Use the Free Trial Membership to get this perk.)
  5. Show up & HAVE FUN!
  6. To make it even easier you can download the TeamUp app on your phone (Apple App Store or Android) to register and track your registrations.

For more information and registration check out our TeamUp site.

New to Locker Soccer is our School of Excellence where we offer advanced training to the more serious players in Elementary, Middle and High School age groups.