Expert designed soccer programming for ages 2+

As our 3v3 pickup program approaches its 20th year, it has been truly amazing to watch the development of these young players. Thousands of young players have enjoyed our pickup program, which was introduced to replicate the kind of pickup play that was so common when I grew up. Parents constantly rave about the confidence, assertiveness, skills and love of the game that their children are deriving from this program. Because we do not allow any coaching to take place during play, we find the kids are more relaxed, more able to learn through mistakes, and perform without the fear of being judged by adults. On the flip side, parents are learning how much more fun they can have without the stress of always pushing their kids to do better. Let them play and amazing things will happen. One of the most important benefits of this format is that parents are now finding time to chat and have meaningful conversations with new friends. They seem to like it as much as the kids!

Let them play and amazing things will happen.

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Our new mezzanine, equipped with a bar and lounge, offers some truly special opportunities to socialize, watch the kids play, and enjoy an adult beverage on a relaxing Friday night. Our lounge area is equipped with community seating that fosters the kind of relationships that are critical in our daily lives.

All Locker Elite and Academy children are invited to play for FREE. Non members are asked to pay a small fee of $7.

5:30pm is the start time for ages 6 – 8, and 7:00pm for the 9+ age groups.