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Locker Soccer Academy Releases 2022 Fall Schedule

This summer has been an incredible experience at Locker Soccer Academy. We’ve shared memorable times with all of you, hosted two great sessions of summer camp, moved into a new facility, and now we prepare to take the next step into this exciting year by releasing our Fall 2022 class schedule.

Our new schedule begins on Saturday, August 20, and the first full week of the new schedule begins the following Monday, August 22. To check out our course offerings and see what might best fit your families needs we invite you to click here

This fall we are offering many different courses for various age groups including the introduction of our Locker Elite Junior program. This program serves to lay the foundation and love of soccer as Coach Steve and the highly trained staff at Locker Soccer Academy will work with participants on skill development, agility, vision, and decision-making concepts as an introduction to playing the game.  Players will have Locker Elite training uniforms (available for under $50) and will enjoy the membership of a unique group of players committed to growing and enjoying the game. This program will kick off on September 7th.  The cost is $100 per month and players may register here

For the adults we are introducing our Adult Pickup membership. For $30 a month you can join and play pickup soccer with our Locker Soccer community. It’s just good old-fashioned pickup soccer where we are playing for good-natured fun and to get in quality movement. No fouls, no trophies, just doing it for the love of the game.

To signup for our Adult membership please visit

If you have an suggestions on offerings or questions about the academy please contact Academy Director Ralph Schudel at 614-470-5522 or at