Bringing a whole new meaning to the term "happy camper" the Locker Soccer way!

Fun is the order of the day at Locker Soccer camps. Our goal is for your child to come home each day smiling and looking forward to the next day of camp, having fun and learning soccer skills along the way. 

Locker Soccer Summer camps are organized by age and ability levels. Please review the descriptions below to find where your child will be most at home.

Players should bring a soccer ball, water, snack, and sunscreen. All camps include a free t-shirt! 


Summer Camp Schedule & Registration


Ages & Skill Levels


  • $75
  • Ages 3-4
  • 9:00am-10:30am (available at all camps)
  • Coach to player ratio: 1:8

Get your preschoolers, aged 3 & 4, moving, laughing, and learning basic foot skills with the soccer ball. This camp begins with fun warm-up, stretching, and greeting activities, before moving to soccer skills including dribbling, shooting, and passing. Plenty of fun games and snack breaks are included!


Beginner Skill Development

  • $120
  • Ages 5-12
  • 9:00 am - 12:00 noon (available at all camps)
  • Coach to player ratio: 1:10
  • Also offered as an all day camp in Powell from June 26th-30th for $295

The perfect camp for young children to experience a wonderful balance between fun games and early stages of skill development. Our experienced staff knows how to get children excited for their daily activities, and their confidence and love for the game will soar throughout every session. 


Advanced Skill Development

  • $125
  • Ages 8-14
  • 9:00 am - 12:00 noon (available at all camps)
  • Coach to player ratio: 1:10
  • Also offered as an all day camp in Powell from June 26th-30th for $295

This camp is designed for the experienced player who wants to work hard on their skills. It offers players the opportunity to challenge themselves in fun, competitive, situations. The daily training exercises and small sided games are excellent for helping players develop confidence in their individual skills as well as a better understanding of small group tactics.


Goalkeeper Training with Gianluca Porro & Ettore Menicucci from Milan, Italy's Scuola Portieri Numero Dodici (Number 12 Goalkeeper School)

This camp offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with huge stars from Milan, Italy. As a teenager and a member of the AC Milan Youth System, Gianluca Porro worked with Steve Locker for two years at his Harvard University summer camps. After a 15 year professional career, Gianluca is returning with Coach Steve to bring his professional goalkeeping school to Columbus, Ohio. Don't miss this great opportunity to train with world-class instructors and take your play to the next level. This camp is offered from June 26th-30th at Library Park in Powell, Ohio. Register now! 


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