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Locker Soccer Academy helps children develop a passion for the game. When children want to participate and are having fun, they evolve in ways that will benefit them far beyond the soccer field.

Locker Soccer Class Descriptions

1. Little Kickers: Ages 2-6 Children will be introduced to a wide variety of soccer activities that will insure their comfort with a ball; various speed, fitness, and agility activities to progress their motor skill development; and the team environment helps to foster a keen sense of social awareness. 

2. Soccer Stars: Ages 6-8 This class offers the recreational player, or first time player, the opportunity to gain some confidence in a setting that is stress free.

3. Skill Development: Ages 6-14 Skill development classes are designed to meet the needs of the more serious, committed player. We will focus very heavily on individual skills, small group tactics, and speed of play. This is not a class for beginners. Beginning players in these age groups may want to try our "Soccer Stars" class.  Please call us if you have questions regarding the best "fit" for your child.

4. F.A.S.T. Training: Fitness, Agility & Speed Training. This program is similar to the Bootcamp program we have offered in the past. We will focus heavily on speed and changing directions at speed. Read more here, or call 614-760-5522 for more info.

5. Special Needs Programming: Opportunity for children to develop social skills, coordination, confidence and self-esteem, through the game of soccer. Our classes are designed to introduce the game of soccer to special needs children of all ages, while addressing the many stages of child development.

6. 3V3 League: Internal league of quick sprint games. Teams are made up of 4-5 players that are selected by the kids. A fun way to continue to hone skills throughout the year. Growth in confidence in a real game setting playing 3 versus 3 situations. Read more here, or call 614-760-5522 (Powell) or 614-478-5522 (Gahanna) for more info.

7.  Fun is the order of the day at Locker Soccer summer camps! We offer a variety of camps for ages 3-14 in June and July. We also offer skill development camps for the more advanced soccer player ages 8-14. Our goal is for kids to come home each day smiling and looking forward to the next day. Happy Campers! Campers that not only had a great time in a safe environment, but having learned soccer skills along the way. Our experienced, nurturing staff come back to teach our camps year after year. We even bring in seasoned international professional soccer players to assist teaching ouradvanced skill development camps.

Special Offering:  Numero 12 Goalkeeper School from Milan, Italy.

Click here for Powell or call (614) 760-5522 (Dublin and Powell) or Click here for Gahanna/New Albany or call (614) 478-5522 for more info,

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